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About Conference

The International Conference on Family Planning and Reproductive Health in Indonesia (ICIFPRH) is a large forum to discuss various issues of family planning and reproductive health as one of the safe motherhood pillars for reducing maternal mortality and improving family well-being in Indonesia. In the global arena, Indonesia is considered as an example of the success of family planning program, but unlike the global evidence, the success in FP indicators have not had significant impact  to the reduction of maternal mortality. In addition to service quality standards that have not been implemented evenly throughout Indonesia, the FP and RH program has not effectively touched the adolescent problems that contribute significantly to high maternal mortality. The consortium “A Champion of Indonesia Family Planning and Reproductive Health” consisting of several non-Government institutions is very concerned about this situation. This consortium initiated an international conference inviting international and national experts to discuss these conditions so that FP and RH programs in Indonesia can contribute to the reduction of maternal mortality and improvement of family wellbeing. In this conference, concepts, policies, programs, and various lessons that have been carried out on global, national and sub-national levels by various stakeholders as well as their relevance in improving family planning programs will be discussed. Adolescent reproductive health issues, especially marriage and births among adolescents (ASFR 15-19) will be discussed in particular because of its strong relation with the level of maternal mortality and the welfare of families in the future. This conference will be the first conference of its kind that focused to addressed FP and RH issues in Indonesia. The conference is expected to be held every two years, carrying different themes.

The results of the conference are expected to be used as the basis for policy strengthening/making by the government and other stakeholders. Besides that, the papers presented at the conference are also expected to be sought by scientific committees to be published in scientific journals and also presented in the upcoming International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) 2020.


  1. Discuss concepts, new findings, policies, programs and lessons learned from the field to improve the performance of FP and RH programs in support of reducing maternal mortality and improving family welfare.
  2. Share learning experiences from the field which is expected to be beneficial to participants both in the capacity of individual and the implementation of the program and fostering movement among NGOs on the issue of FP and RH.

Speakers & Participants

20 main speakers will be invited by the committee. They will be speakers at the plenary session and key speakers in several of the parallel sessions. Among the 20 speaker, 7-10  are foreign speakers that will be invited by the committee. In addition, 60 speakers (oral presentation) that are selected from the accepted abstracts, as well as 100 poster speakers selected based on the abstracts will also be invited. 5-7 workshops are targeted at pre-conference and 15 satellite sessions will be held at the conference. 700-1000 participants are targeted to attend the conference.

Presentations & Discussions at Plenary will be in English. Selected Parallel & Satellite Sessions will be in English too. Committee provides simultaneous translation to foreign participants and speakers in case there is communication in the plenary session conducted in Bahasa Indonesia.

Implementation of the Conference

Pre Conference: 28 -29 September 2019
Main Conference: 30 September – 2 October 2019

Conference Venue

Sahid Jaya Yogyakarta

Sahid Jaya Hotel & Convention Yogyakarta
Jl. Babarsari, Sleman – Yogyakarta 55281

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